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~About Dervyn~


Hi, I am Dervyn Ng

About Dervyn

After SPM examination,I just a teen who slack for months get myself relax before i proceed to tertiary education. While waiting for my next level education enhancement i explore myself, my strength too. First of all, i am an ordinary guy who love travelling, I will show you some of the photo i took wherever i travel later, i develop basic thought (5W1H – why, when, who, what, where and how ).due to the fact that i read “wonder why” (十万个为什么) when i was kid, when i was young (i am young even now). I love camping, jogging, jungle tracking and mountain climbing. Well, due to multiple survivor skill i have and i would love to test it therefore i interested in organising event and function. I love challenge, i like the feeling of successful, i had my satisfaction when the event has wrap up nicely.


The year i proceeding myself to University.

As i mentioned above i actively in event organising here are the photo i have with me together with wonderful memory.

Fencing ??? Why Fencing?!

Well, many people ask me why unpopular activity ?

Fencing is a sport that make me feel like life, it interesting its exciting, is the excitement i never found in myself before.

Fencing allow me to be precaution towards my opponent next move, indeed it require high agility and speed. It allow me to train my reflection and patient. To be on top of the game i have to get myself prepared at all time.

As we couldn’t predict what come next, hence we could minimize the risk by practicing it as habit to precaution.


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India – Backpack

It is my very first oversea backpack trip, although i had lot of camping experience within Malaysia however i gaining more during my backpack journey too.

By then, Ours naive goal:- Explore every corner of the world.

Backpack is totally brand new journey, you meet lot people, gain experience that you will never had even you are independent enough in your life. How do we have that ? Back a pack and step out the doorstep and you will know what i mean.

I meet few Friends during the journey: France, Dutch & China.

At that point of time i realize there are lot of people around the world do not know Malaysia-Chinese able to speak, write and read chinese~


Year 2015 January 1st, I joined Googolplex Properties Sdn Bhd as a Properties Consultant

In the process of being a properties consultant, i understand that making a deal is not about Sale & Commission, is about helping buyer getting their sweet and comfortable home and assisting investor to obtain profitable properties and growth their investment portfolio.


Hard Work will Paid


My chapter as a properties consultant, I could not make a deal for the first 3 month. That’s right, no sale no deal. Eventually people quit. I keep my persistent i keep my promise i must be consistent. For me, I believe hard work will pay.

With the minor luck of persistent, the First week of the 4th month

I manage to closed a deal sold 4 deal in a single week. Hurray ~~~~~

the deal allow me to be qualify to Googolplex First Quarter Incentive Trip – Hanoi 

and been Invited to have a sharing conference regards my persistent, my consistent and how do i fight the resistance. A person who have no properties knowledge in the past able to close deals ? Really ?

Many thanks to investors and buyers believe in me, I’m sincerely appreciated.

In the past 3 months, I sat in the office from 9am to 12am

Study every possible and related info that is related to the property i focus in every direction, history, case study, market oriented, buyer perspective, masterplan, development and potential growth.

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2016-06-19 00.10.28

Person on the Left is Googolplex Properties Group Managing Director – Mr.Tan,

On my right Googolplex Properties Group CEO, Mr.Christopher Liang

Nonetheless, never forget to take a photograph with Googolplex Properties Group Chairman, Mr. Peter Lee

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Thank you to my colleague, Once Again WE Nailed the Top Branch Award.

Once again i would like to Thanks my Family that had given me endless support at all time


To Be Continues... ...

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